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  • NOTE: While we welcome all consultation requests, we are a private health company in high demand and respectfully can not work with everyone. We choose to only work with individuals that are fully committed to transforming their health.

We Provide

Identify your unique blueprint

Learn your unique health blueprint that will reveal the fastest and easiest way to looking great, feeling your best and maximizing your health

Uncover the cause of your health issues

Uncover the true disease-causing interferences neglected by most other practitioners that steal energy, health, and vitality

Customized health strategy

Get customized health strategies specific to your lifestyle and situation to get immediate results

Learn how to move forward in health and life

Learn how you can bulletproof your health, create all-day energy, and a body that you can feel proud of

One-on-one care

Receive a 45-minute one-on-one initial health consultation with a healthy lifestyle and functional health expert

Making Supplements That Work

CellCore Biosciences

Dr. Watts is the Co-Founder and formulator of CellCore Biosciences, a wholesale supplement company for practitioners that focuses on creating supplements that work.

Microbe Formulas

Dr. Watts also is the Co-Founder and formulator of a retail product line sold directly to consumers.  Microbe Formulas goal is to help bring hope and health to all who need it.


“Prior to working with Designer Health Centers I had digestive issues, serious eczema, and it felt like I was allergic to everything. Within the first four days of following my customized health program, 90% of the skin problems had cleared up! I lost 22lbs in the first 4 weeks, which was almost 10% of my body weight, and boy people have noticed! I am now down 60 pounds after one year and I have more energy now than I have ever had before!”

– Reyad Homaidan, Sydney, Australia

“Understanding that toxicity was at the root of the issues with my skin, my weight and my general mood has been so eye opening. The team at Designer Health Centers has totally supported me through this transformation and I’ve never been healthier and more ALIVE. I must also mention that my children and husband have also revolutionized their health and energy. They are so passionate and knowledgeable at DHC and the results are simply amazing.”

– Emma Excell, Hampshire, England

“This program has changed my life! I’m down from a size 10 to a size 6 and my hormones and cycle has normalized after being irregular for the last 6 years. My asthma has also gotten a lot better and my friends have definitely noticed how much better I look. I am so grateful for what Designer Health Centers has done.”

– Sophie Smith, Miami Florida, USA

Do You Have Health Issues You  Think Are Age Or Stress Related?  What if they aren’t?