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One product that everybody would benefit from is Para-1. One of the main benefits of Para-1 is that is it help to rid the intestines of mucoid plaque and rope worm. It also appears to be a great anti-parasitic for several other type of parasites specifically intestinal nematodes.

Mucoid plaque is created by the body to protect itself from acids and toxic compounds such as drugs (especially aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, microbial activity, and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Certain foods such as pasteurized dairy, and many cooked foods cause the mucus buildup on the wall of the small intestine. If you have mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body cannot function properly; optimal healing cannot occur. Sometimes the mucus is so thick and tough, it appears like beef jerky other times like a filmy plastic appearance. Supplements and good nutrition is wasted by the inability to break them down and absorb them properly.

Para 1 is a very gooey and sticky, fat soluble plant material which sticks to everything and helps to remove the mucoid plaque, rope worm, parasites and toxins. It also has other anti-microbial benefits as well as anti-diarrheal, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.



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