We have created two unique programs to help our clients restore their real you.

In order to restore the real you, we need to address inflammation, the driver of disease. Cellular inflammation is caused by 3 main things: Hidden infections, toxins, and trauma. The following programs were created to find and address these health challenges:


Our Platinum Program is a 9-month comprehensive program in which we take our clients through the 3 phases for repairing the body and through a multi-therapeutic approach. These phases are Prep Phase, Body Phase, and Brain Phase.

In the Prep Phase, we open up the detoxification pathways of the colon, liver, kidneys, and lymph. We also address digestive and gut health through the removal of hidden infections and by healing the intestinal lining.

In the Body Phase, we focus on cellular healing which includes: Removing the source of inflammation, Restoring the cell membrane, Restoring cellular energy, reducing cellular inflammation, and re-establishing methylation.


In the Brain Phase, we clear deeper accumulated neurotoxins. These neurotoxins often lead to the negative symptoms clients have been experiencing.

The multi-therapeutic approach includes coaching on:

  1. Diet and Diet variation
  2. Fasting protocols and other ancient healing strategies and cleanses.
  3. Exercise
  4. Supplementation for removing infections
  5. Supplementation for opening the detoxification pathways and healing organ function.
  6. Supplementation for repairing the cell and detoxifying the body.

Mindset Coaching will come from Dr. Watts D.C. or Dr. Redd D.O. in conjunction with Jen Loranger our certified health and nutrition coach through monthly visits or telephone calls.

We feel accountability is important for success, which is why we want to be in contact weekly.

This 9-month program is the primary program that most clients choose.

The Platinum program requires you to engage and learn while we educate you to be able to carry-on a healthy lifestyle the rest of your life.

Heavy metal testing is included, along with meta-oxidation testing every 2 months. Supplementation, medications, and additional lab tests are additional.


Our Silver program is a Digestive and Parasitic Focused Program that is approximately a 6-month simplified version of the Platinum program. On the Silver program, we guide you through the process through monthly consultations.

When we meet for your evaluation we will decide what program will best meet your needs.

Do You Have Health Issues You  Think Are Age Or Stress Related?  What if they aren’t?