Success Stories

Helping our clients restore their real you.

In order to restore the real you, we need to address inflammation, the driver of disease. Cellular inflammation is caused by 3 main things: Hidden infections, toxins, and trauma.

Hidden Infections

Hidden infections can be a major cause of any chronic illness. Parasites are known to hide infections and mask symptoms making it difficult to find true relief.


Toxins are absorbed by parasites and can be released throughout your body, causing chronic illness symptoms to continue to resurface. Detoxing toxins and removing parasites are a key part of restoring health.


Your mental state impacts your physical state. Traumatic experiences have a major impact on your physical wellness. By restoring health you will also be supporting you way back to a more posative mental state as well.


“If you are looking for a parasite formula that works, Para 1 product is the best one that I ever found! I have used many parasite products with my clients and myself, Para 1 is the most effective at getting worms out and seeing them in your stool! I highly recommend to use this product.” Dr. Jay Davidson

I have tried several different remedies to get rid of parasites with little to no improvement or visual evidence. Para 1 is the best formula I have found to remove parasites and actually see them in the stool. I am looking forward to using this formula with my patients and would highly recommend it. Dr. Rachel Bouska

I have been using Para 1 on many of my patients with various intestinal parasites and have incredible results with this product. Patients often comment on the changes in their digestion and overall feeling of health after taking this product for intestinal parasites. Dr. Allan Lindsley

Success Story One

A woman in her 60s came in from Boise, Montana. She had been suffering daily from hives. The hives were FULL BLOWN everywhere. This had been plaguing her daily for over a year. She came to see me and, after some trial and error, she went on the Para-1 protocol and in ten (10) days her immune system reset. She has now been without ANY symptoms for over a year and a half.

Success Story Two

How about this seven (7) year old young lady from Florida? Her parents had taken her to see several doctors and specialists for a urinary issue she was having. None of them could find any infections and just suggested such remedies as drinking more water. This was probably not the best course of action since she was having bladder pain already. I was able to find out after talking and listening to the parents that they had been a family vacation recently to a lake. On this vacation trip, what I believed happened was a parasite entered through the urethra, which can happen with girls. From this insight I was able to help her. I prescribed a parasite protocol and was able to clear the parasites from her system within three (3) days.

Success Story Three

Just like members of my family have had similar issues, success story three was brought in with bad eczema. This baby (approximately 18 months old) had a severe eczema covering him from head to toe. Can you imagine how awful that can be? Some parasites have a tendency to cause reactions on a full moon. Parasites are animals. They react to climate and celestial times. Knowing this and listening to success story three families timelines, I heard when the times the flare-ups would occur. I was able to ascertain from this the type of parasite. We treated the infant for parasites with my protocol and cleared the eczema within about 2 months.

I will note here though that because of their smaller systems, children due react quicker to the product than adults.

Success Story Four

A 39-year-old female came to my office because she was suffering from daily headaches and migraines for over ten (10) years. She was also plagued by lower back pain (which radiated into her legs), fatigue, anxiety, depression, abdominal pain and food sensitivities to almost anything she ate. We sat down and really went through her history. We spent the time trying find out when did these symptoms really begin. This person had seen many doctors and had pretty much given up hope. She had seen several other doctors over the years and had walked away with no real cure. After some deep digging, we realized she had been on a cruise in the Caribbean around the time these symptoms began. I started to treat her for parasites. This woman passed lots of mucoid plaque, rope worm and other parasites. With her daily fatigue and headaches, she was barely functional. Now she is living her purpose in life!

Success Story Five

Success Story Five is a 45 year old male who came to see me complaining of joint pain in his fingers, wrists and lower back. He was suffering from food and seasonal allergies, memory issues and muscle fatigue. These were not even all of his symptoms. We sat down and went through his history in depth. After some time, he mentioned he had lived in South America for two (2) years at the age 19. I decided to run his blood work and test for Lyme. He tested positive. As we began treatment on the protocol, his memory issues improved and his joint pain began to resolve. I continued treating him for additional parasites and the rest of the symptoms eventually gave way as well.

Do You Have Health Issues You  Think Are Age Or Stress Related?  What if they aren’t?